Joe Jackson’s health continues to worsen.


Just as the Janet hype returns, Jackson pulls the plug…for now.

Just days after releasing the music video for her comeback single, No Sleeep, Janet Jackson has partially cancelled her upcoming world tour.

It is unknown as yet when she will return to rehearsals, but her tour is still scheduled to begin on August 31st.

The bad news comes after 87-year-old Joe Jackson suffered a stroke on July 25.

The controversial patriarch posted a statement on his website about his condition:

“To my family, friends, acquaintances and fans all over the world. I want to thank you all for your prayers, unwavering support and kind well wishes during these trying times. Through God’s intervention the wonderful Doctors, Nurses and caretakers at the Albert Einstein Sao Paulo hospital have taken great care of me. God willing, I should be able to make a quick recovery and travel back home soon. Thank you all once again for your prayers and support. ”

It’s not always a good sign when family rushes to be with a sick family member and pausing tour plans sounds pretty serious. We wish Joe a speedy recovery.

Do YOU think this will hinder Janet’s chance at a proper comeback?