And shares an important message.

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Janet Jackson’s kicks off the State Of The World Tour with an important message.

The pop star has been touring on and off for a number of years now, but the iconic singer is back in fighting form.

Jackson launched the newly-revamped tour in Lafayette, Louisiana last night (Sep. 7), her first post-baby show. The show opened with a video condemning white supremacy, domestic terrorism, and fascism, TheFader reports. Watch that here:

The video begins by naming unarmed black men who were killed by police officers, followed by audio clips condemning white supremacy and inequality. It then transitioned into Rhythm Nation cut “The Knowledge,” before she charged through a setlist of 35(!!!) hits, including “Nasty,” “Burnitup!,” “All Nite,” “No Sleep” and “Well Traveled.”

A bunch of the mainstream sites are also reporting about her 65 lbs weightless ahead of the kickoff show. Dammn, baby.

See the entire setlist below and highlights from the show above.

Janet Jackson’s State of the World Tour Setlist:

1. “The Knowledge”
2. “State of the World”
3. “Burnitup!”
4. “Nasty”
5. “Feedback”
6. “Miss You Much”
7. “Alright”
8. “You Want This”
9. “Control”
10. “What Have You Done For Me Lately”
11. “The Pleasure Principle”
12. “Escapade”
13. “When I Think Of You”
14. “All For You”
15. “All Nite (Don’t Stop)”
16. “Again” (Video Intro)
17. “Twenty Foreplay”
18. “Where Are You Now”
19. “Come Back To Me”
20. “The Body That Loves You”
21. “Spending Time With You”
22. “No Sleep”
23. “Got ‘Til It’s Gone”
24. “That’s The Way Love Goes”
25. “Island Life”
26. “Throb”
27. “Together Again”
28. “What About”
29. “If”
30. “Rhythm Nation”
31. “Black Eagle”
32. “New Agenda”
33. “Damn Baby”
34. “I Get Lonely”
35. “Well Traveled”

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