Stop what you’re doing and add “Yoga” to your workout playlist.

Janelle Monáe Gets Frisky On New Single

Get off her areola!

Janelle Monáe is starting April off on the right foot, or maybe she’s on her back with her legs in the air. Confused? Well, the android priestess did one major 360 when she morphed into a **** sounding yogi on her new single “Yoga,” which surfaced Wednesday (April 1).

With an intro filled with heavy chants and some trap-heavy production, “Yoga” is a sultry Jidenna-assisted track, which can suffice as both the the perfect slow grinding jam for the clubs and cool down song for your workout playlist. It sort of falls in the same territory as Beyonce’s “7/11” except Monáe actually sounds like she’s singing and not just spewing gibberish.

Oh, and heads up, Facebook users! If you’re looking for the perfect line to quote in your timelines today, then look no further than my favorite part of “Yoga.”

“Yoga” is Monáe’s first release from her 5-song EP “THE EEPHUS,” which is a joint label collaboration that will feature songs from various folks at Monáe’s own label Wondaland as well as Epic Records. It’s expected to drop on May 6.

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