A spiritual celebration.

Janelle Kroll’s new music video for “Barricade” is a spiritual celebration.

The Brooklyn-based singer released a one-take video of her and a fleet of dancers in matching glimmering gold and black body-hugging outfits performing an interpretive dance inside of an abandoned warehouse. The whole ordeal is pretty magical.

The clip feels light and airy, but the lyrics to “Barricade” are anything but. On it, Kroll sings about “classic heartbreak” over dreamy production and a frenetic snap beat.

“This song celebrates selfless love,” Kroll tells BreatheHeavy. “Relentless selfless love. And with that the acceptance of it having nowhere to land. It’s a grand gesture, which is why a movement video makes perfect sense.”

She adds: “I want to open people’s heart chakra. I want this song to move people physically and spiritually. I want to connect the body and the heart. I’m here to help people live in their feelings and release them.”

It’s the perfect soundtrack to your Sunday. Check it out below:

If you like what you hear, Kroll has more in store. She tells us there are a string of singles on the way. “I can’t begin to tell you how many songs I have stacked up so to be releasing a handful more is exciting.”

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