Jane Fonda gives Britney Moma Advice

April 22, 2005 By Jordan Miller

Jane Fonda admits that women Britney Spears’ age probably don’t know who she is, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have an opinion of her pregnancy.

Asked what advice she had for Spears, Fonda told AP Radio that she hopes Spears will have “given birth to herself” before having the baby. That means she hopes Spears has a strong sense of who she is.

Fonda was 31 when she had her first child and she says she hadn’t given birth to herself yet.

As for whether Spears has a clue as to who Jane Fonda is, Fonda says most women Spears’ age think of her as the person who got their parents to exercise. Fonda is out with her autobiography, “My Life So Far.”