Jamie Wants To Move Britney Back To Kentwood

March 21, 2008 By Jordan Miller

Britney may just move from one LA to the next. Reports from TheSun.co.uk suggest that Jamie Spears, Britney’s father / conservator, wants to take her out of Los Angeles and move her back to her roots in Kentwood, Louisiana in the hopes to remove her from the crazy life in L.A.: “Britney has been feeling lonely and isolated since her dad has taken control of her life. He hopes to take her back to Louisiana where she will be surrounded by her family. Jamie also hopes it will give her the chance to mend her troubled relationship with her mum and her more recent rift with her pregnant sister. And he hopes to keep her away from the negative LA scene and people who’ve been using her.”

Take Britney out of L.A.? She doesn’t need to live in Jamie’s trailer! Joking. But really… even less visits with her kids will completely break her spirit even more so. I just don’t understand — she’s deemed mentally insane by a judge and cannot handle day-to-day life, yet she can shoot an episode for television? Perfect sense.

Suppose Jamie can use the 10 grand he gets a month to shuttle Britney back and forth in a private jet every 2 weeks or so.