Despite Adam Streisand’s appeal, Jamie Spears will continue to be Brit’s conservator until February 14th. – X17

Here are the headlines from today’s court hearing:

Jamie Spears is still the co-conservator of Britney’s estate, as is Andrew Wallet.

The Commissioner did not give the conservators the power to fire Trope and Trope, Brit’s divorce lawyers.

The Commissioner said, based on the restraining order, Sam Lutfi can have no contact whatsoever with Britney — including e-mails, phone contact, etc.

The Commish extended the conservatorship to Valentine’s Day.

The Commissioner said Adam Streisand had no legal basis for claiming he’s Britney’s new lawyer. There will be a hearing at some point to determine just how mentally competent Britney is.

UPDATE: A court commissioner on Monday extended the control of Britney Spears’s father over the singer’s affairs, including her $40 million fortune.

Jamie Spears will remain co-conservator of his daughter’s estate until Feb. 14, the commissioner ruled, despite a lawyer’s claims Britney had a “strong desire” against her father’s temporary oversight.

The decision came in a hearing in which attorney Adam Streisand, who asserted he was hired by Britney Spears, argued that Jaime Spears’s conservatorship “would only cause further distress, agitation and estrangement.”

In addition, Streisand argued that co-temporary conservator Andrew Wallet “simply doesn’t have the knowledge” to manage Spears’s vast estate, he said in court. It was Streisand who valued the estate at $40 million.

Streisand, who’s reportedly related to the singer of the same name, instead suggested that Northern Trust Bank be named as the temporary guardian of her wealth.

But the court ruled that Jaime Spears and Wallet would remain as co-conservators, a court spokesman said.

The lawyers for Jaime Spears began with an opening statement asserting that he has no interest in taking her wealth, but rather watching over it until his daughter recovers, with the eventual hope she’s reunited with her children.

Wallet vehemently argued that the court be shown proof that Britney Spears was of sound mind to hire Streisand.


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