Jamie Spears’ Restaurant Closed

January 29, 2006 By Jordan Miller

Defamer.com: Under the ever-expanding heading of “Failed Career Attempts of the Men in Britney Spears’ Life” comes news that JJ Chill, the Venice smoothie shop (tagline: “Think outside the cone”) purchased by her dad Jamie in an attempt at getting his life back together after his post-divorce alcoholic tailspin and subsequent rehab stint, will be shuttering its frozen delicacy-dispensing doors:

JJ Chill – the Venice, Calif., restaurant Britney Spears’ dad Jamie purchased in Nov. 2004 – has closed, the owner and landlord of the property where the small eatery was housed, Mark Wurm, has exclusively revealed to Star.

“Jamie served a lot of icies – cups of flavored ice – and people don’t eat icies when it’s cold,” Wurm tells Star. So when the weather turned chilly recently people stopped going there.

Ok well that doesn’t seem to be a problem anyway since Jamie is now the Maloof family’s private cook. He also released, in collaboration with his son Bryan, the ‘Palms Play Poker At Home’ DVD.