Britney’s dad and co-conservator, Jamie Spears, will receive more than a million dollars as manager of the Femme Fatale Tour, according to

TMZ has obtained legal docs in Britney’s conservatorship case, which show Britney’s overall manager, Larry Rudolph, wants to give up 2% of his cut to Jamie, because daddy Spears has done such a great job — Larry’s cut is 10% of the gross.

Jamie apparently negotiated a cushy deal for Britney with Live Nation, the tour promoter. “He’s also coordinated Britney’s personal schedule, and supervised her arrivals and departures. He’s handled finances, managed Britney’s security to protect her from the paparazzi and made 200 – 400 calls and other communications a day on Brit’s behalf.”

Larry Rudolph is voluntarily giving Jamie 2% of his cut – which has yet to be approved by the courts.

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