Jamie Spears is gonna fight this one with the best lawyers money can buy. I mean, the best lawyers BRITNEY’S money can buy!

According to TMZ.com, Britney’s conservatorship case went to court in L.A. this morning to hire more lawyers to defend Britney regarding her defamation case filed ex-manager Sam Lutfi.


“Brit’s mouthpiece claims the singer needs two civil lawyers to defend her in Sam Lutfi’s defamation case against Britney and her family. Here’s the deal. The two lawyers will cost a grand total of $935 an hour. The judge gave the green light, so the Bank of Brit is fully open for business.”

Additionally, a judge recently awarded Kevin Federline an extra $5000 a week to tour with Britney in the upcoming months.

Britney also currently pays up to $500,000 a month in lawyer fees, as well as $18,000 a month to her father / conservator Jamie Spears.

No wonder they’re pushing so hard for this tour…

Image: x17online.com

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