I’m probably going to get my *** handed to me on a silver platter for posting this…

Jamie Spears, Britney’s dad / co-conservator, was spotted drinking “6 large draught beers” alone at Big Dean’s Cafe in Santa Monica according to x17online.com.

“In between drinks, Jamie typed away on his blackberry, chomped on chewing tobacco and at one point, he left the bar for several minutes to take a phone call.”

So what?! It’s a Friday night! Well… here’s where things get interesting.

After eating and drinking at the restaurant, Jamie headed outside to his Escalade, in which he proceeded to get in the driver’s seat and head home.

“Our photogs told us he was ‘clearly intoxicated,’ reports the site. “He shouldn’t have been behind the wheel.”

Don’t shoot the messenger. Click to stream:

Source: x17online.com

Best of luck to Jamie and his road to sobriety.

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