Jamie Spears Asks Judge For Additional Compensation

Dad Jamie Spears, who oversees Britney’s personal affairs in a legal conservatorship, requested additional compensation from his work on Piece Of Me.

According to the legal docs, “Mr. Spears has been and will be providing primary responsibility for negotiations with regard to all key aspects of the LV Show, global oversight of the LV Show production and logistics, making all final production calls on site.”

In other words, nothing gets passed him.

“Mr. Spears is creating significant savings and value for the Estate through his efforts,” the documents claim. “Petitioners seeks fair and reasonable compensation for the efforts Mr. Spears has made and will make and the results that he has achieved to date and is expected to achieve in the LV Show.”

He’s requesting 1.5% of gross revenues from the performances and merchandise, and Britney’s signed off on it. This is on top of the reported $16K per month he currently makes.

“The Conservators have provided to Samuel D. Ingham, Court-appointed counsel for Ms. Spears, detailed commission calculations for all commissions to be paid from the adjusted LV Show revenues,” according to the documents. “The Conservators are informed and believe that Mr. Ingham has reviewed the calculations with Ms. Spears, and that she has consented to this additional compensation request for Mr. Spears.”

The specific financial details of the additional compensation for Mr. Spears were filed under seal, and not made public.

The motion was filed on an ex-parte/emergency basis because “Until the Petition is granted, Mr. Spears will be continuing to expend extraordinary time and effort in the production of Ms. Spears performance-related activities without additional compensation. He has already done so for more than six months and further delay would be a continuing unfairness to him,” Spears legal ace Geraldine Wyle said in a sworn declaration.

Also recently, lawyers representing Britney in her conservatorship requested a Los Angeles court the permission to access an “urgent” $6 million loan.

The judge approved.

$tay tuned!