Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

According to new reports, Britney’s dad / conservator Jamie Spears has reportedly “fired all of the singer’s personal staff; confiscated her mobile phone; and ordered her new boyfriend to stay away.”

“Jamie is at his wits end over Britney’s behavior,” a source tells Sunday tabloid the People. “He’s decided he’s got no option but to take total control over her life to stop her hitting rock bottom.

“He has fired Britney’s cleaners, cook and childminders at her LA home.”

The source added, “Jamie fears they might do the dirty on Britney. She’s annoyed but Jamie is determined to do the right thing even if it isn’t what she wants.”

Do the dirty? If he means speak up to the authorities about all the corruption, then I’d be worried too!

“She is very vulnerable at the moment,” continues the source.

That’s right. Just fire anyone that has any inclination as to what you’re doing. You’ll be all alone very soon my friend!


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