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Jamie Lynn Spears was this close to super stardom as the face of Nickelodeon’s wildly popular tween sitcom, Zoey 101, but after getting pregnant at the age of 16-years-old, Brit’s kid sis packed up and moved to the south where she could raise her family in peace. It’s worth mentioning Jamie Lynn clarified this year Zoey 101 did not come to an end because of her pregnancy, rather her contract was up. 

A lot (I MEAN A LOT) has gone down in the time since, and Jamie Lynn isn’t a little girl anymore. The 28-year-old mother of two might have a chance to reignite her career in a reboot of the hit TV show.


JL hinted about a Zoey 101 reboot on Instagram. She posted a photo of a script with most of the words scribbled out – minus the line about bacon. You may recall bacon was a recurring joke in the series.

There’s also a name included, “Sean.” It could very well be Zoey’s love interest, Chase Matthews, who was played by actor Sean Flynn.

Last summer, TMZ claimed Jamie Lynn had “been talking with execs” at Nickelodeon about bringing the show back.

They claimed the show’s updated premise would detail Zoey’s life as a young mom in her late twenties living in SoCal. The source told TMZ it’d be “Zoey with an edge.” I have so many questions.

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