Britney has been back to Kentwood twice this year to visit lil sis Jamie Lynn. Now, according to the National Ledger, mama Lynne wants Jamie Lynn to fly back to the west coast to visit Britney. I mean, it’s only fair. But there’s a catch; JL doesn’t trust her soon to be husband Casey Aldridge enough to be alone in Mississippi and behave. “Lynne Spears tried to talk Jamie Lynn into going to Los Angeles with her to visit troubled big sister Britney, but Jamie Lynn does not want to leave Casey alone. ‘She just doesn’t trust him,’ an insider told the National Enquirer in an article published this week. According to the report Jamie Lynn Spears threw her fiance Casey Aldridge out of their home – after she discovered he’s been calling other girls on his cell phone.” Yeah riiiiiiiight.

And this isn’t the first time the two have had a big disagreement. “Jamie Lynn and Casey had one of their biggest fights yet,” revealed an insider. “She was so upset, she kicked him out of the house.” He has returned, the insider continued.

“According to the report, the confrontation occurred soon after the couple moved back into their new 5-acre home in Liberty, Miss., after spending three weeks at Lynne Spears’ gated mansion in Serenity in Kentwood, La. The report claims that Jamie Lynn has complained to Casey’s mom, Joyce, about her son’s bad behavior. While Joyce is supportive of Jamie Lynn, there’s not much she can do, says the insider.”

Again, am going to file this under the “I’ll take their word for it” category. Going to need a new folder soon…

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