Jamie Lynn Spears: Britney Is My Biggest Fan

Jamie Lynn Spears has had quite a year! She married James Watson, released her new EP, “Journey,” and is now on the road promoting and performing it. One constant throughout it all is big sis Britney, who JL says is her number one supporter.

“For me and my sister the relationship [has] always been a really special one,” she said. “I’m proud of my sister. She went after her dream from a small town and she’s still doing what she loves, so there’s something to be said about that and something to be really proud of.

“So I definitely look at that as, you know, it gives me motivation and really inspires me to keep going,” she added.

There’s such a big age difference between me and my sister that I think [she] almost was like a second mom,” she said of Britney. “She’s so supportive and she’s so encouraging of me and she’s like my biggest fan… She’s always had my back.”

Jamie Lynn could use that support – it’s tough for an up and coming artist! But she’s not letting that get deter her.

“I’ve been working on this album now, probably for six years almost. My little girl will be 6 in two weeks, so it’s about six years,” Jamie Lynn told Access Hollywood at the CMA Fest. “So I’m definitely nervous and kind of overwhelmed, excited. I have so many feelings going on ‘cause I’ve worked so hard on this and it took so much time that now, all the sudden, with a click of a button it’s out there for everyone to hear.

It’s just so personal. I have so much invested in it so I’m definitely very — I’m very nervous about the reaction and how people are gonna take to it,” Jamie added.

“I can’t believe that I did everything in one year. I was like, ‘If I’m gonna do it, I might as well just release my EP, get married, do it all in one year. Why not?’” she said. “So I definitely think that I knocked out a lot of big, important things in life in one year, but it’s been a good year for me.”