Jamie Lynn may be leaving her newly purchased home and deadbeat boyfriend in McComb, Mississippi and heading to sunny L.A. to spend more time with her older sister Britney according to new reports.

Jamie Lynn “met with agents at Caldwell Banker realty after her nephews’ birthday bash earlier this month to check out the L.A. market.,” said a source.

Her budget, according to Star Magazine, is just under than $4 million. “She wants a Mediterranean-style house with balconies, a big backyard and lots of privacy,” a source tells the weekly entertainment magazine. “She asked for a new house because she likes new kitchens and bathrooms.”

Jamie Lynn, who is not getting along with her fiance Casey Aldridge, is seeking support from Britney – who has been in a freakishly similar situation. Casey Aldridge has been in hot water for months now after reports surfaced that he impregnated another woman while still in a relationship with Jamie Lynn. Aldridge, who recently made headlines again for developing inappropriate photos of Jamie Lynn breastfeeding at his local Wal-Mart, will reportedly stay in McComb if Jamie Lynn and daughter Maddie move to the West coast.

Sources reveal to Star Magazine that Jamie Lynn’s move to L.A. may also be due to a new television show JL is in negotiations to do with Nickelodeon – who kicked off Jamie Lynn’s career with her first show “Zoey 101.”

Britney’s home is up for sale at the same time. Hmmm, maybe it won’t be so hard for JL to move afterall…

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