Here we go again! Jamie Lynn and Lynne (pictured above) were snapped taking Maddie Briann for a stroll in McComb, Mississippi yesterday afternoon. Casey Aldridge, again, was noticeably absent. Unfortunately for Jamie Lynn, Casey hasn’t gone away forever…

According to Star Magazine, Jamie Lynn “is gearing up for the fight of her life – for custody of their 2-month-old daughter Maddie,” as Casey is ready to fight for custody and Jamie Lynn’s money.

“He’s not a spiteful person,” a friend of his tells Star. But he feels he’s entitled to a chunk of Jamie Lynn’s millions. “He plays to win. He doesn’t really want full custody of Maddie, but he knows it might be his best weapon against Jamie Lynn.”

But don’t think Jamie Lynn will give up her baby and money that easy. “Sources say the 17-year-old may talk to her own attorneys and might be willing to cut off Casey’s money supply and sell their house in Liberty, Miss., reveals the insider. ‘She was giving him tens of thousands of dollars for electronics, video games and the truck that she bought him – in fact, he spent $8,000 last month alone on gas and sporting equipment.'”

Don’t forget the ATV she bought him! ***.


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