What kind of fuckery is this?! Check out the video above; Jamie Lynn is so sly!

Yesterday, paparazzi awaited for Jamie Lynn’s arrival to LAX after her flight from New Orleans. Jamie Lynn and her daughter Maddie, who was accompanied by grandma Lynne, set up a decoy for the paps so she could escape unnoticed.

“Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that, on Tuesday, someone from Britney Spears’ camp contacted LAX police, asking for a security ******. The way the cops understood the call, Britney was flying in Wednesday with Jamie Lynn, her baby and Lynne.

At the last minute, cops found out Britney was not on the plane. They still were sympathetic because a bunch of pappers were at the airport waiting for Jamie Lynn. Cops were concerned her baby might be at risk in a pap crush, so they allowed Jamie Lynn and crew to exit the plane onto the tarmac, where a car drove them away.

Now here’s where it gets good. For some reason, the cops wanted to fool the paparazzi, so they got a random woman on that flight who kinda sorta looked like Jamie Lynn and asked her if they could ****** her to baggage claim. She said yes, and the ruse began.”

TMZ also reports that there’s an “internal investigation” underway because the big shots at the police department are angry.

This isn’t the first time Jamie Lynn has faked out the paps. In fact, Jamie Lynn set up a decoy to distract paparazzi as she left the hospital after just giving birth to Maddie B back in June.

If Jamie Lynn can cause a fake-out at the airport, imagine what terrorists can do. Oye, and on September 11th…

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