A court commissioner has ruled that Jamie Spears can draw $2,500 a week from Britney’s accounts as conservator of her affairs. It pays to be Britney’s dad!

TMZ has obtained the minute order from yesterday’s conservatorship hearing. In it, the judge ruled on the money, plus gave him the right to lease a car.

As we reported yesterday, the judge also extended the conservatorship until July 31. But sources tell us that Jamie wants to end the conservatorship before then if his Brit’s mental state improves.

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When his temporary co-conservatorship over his daughter Britney Spears was extended until July 31, Jamie Spears was also granted new powers, court documents from yesterday’s hearing show.

In addition to a $58,800 payment to the conservatorship for attorney fees and other costs, Jamie was given weekly payments of $2,500 and the authority to tap his daughter’s funds to lease a car for her security team. The pop star also cannot leave California before a scheduled April 7 hearing without permission from the court or from her father.

The document also revealed that L.A. Superior Court Commissioner Reva Goetz extended the temporary conservatorship out of concern that an attorney claiming to represent the pop star might again tie the case up in federal court.

On Wednesday, Jon Eardley, an attorney who claims to represent Spears – even though the court has determined her incapable of hiring her own attorney – filed new papers under seal with the federal court. On Feb. 14 Eardley had filed a civil rights challenge to the conservatorship; for almost two weeks the case was in limbo until a federal judge declined to hear it.

Jeffrey D. Wexler, Jamie’s attorney, tells Goetz in court documents that he believes, based on previous filings by Eardley, that the new papers include an amended petition “to include federal claims involving witness intimidation, victim intimidation.”

Wexler writes that Goetz on Wednesday still had jurisdiction to extend the conservatorship. A new federal challenge by Eardley might again freeze Goetz’s ability to alter the conservatorship, but would likely not undermine any orders already in place.

Source: Britney Doing Well
A source says Britney is doing well, and Goetz could decide to dissolve the conservatorship before July 31. “Is it possible she might make significant enough progress to get her life back in three or four months? Yes, and her dad would like nothing more,” says the source.

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