Jamelia Slams Britney

August 5, 2004 By Jordan Miller

British pop beauty JAMELIA has slammed her American contemporaries BEYONCE KNOWLES and BRITNEY SPEARS for miming on stage.

The SUPERSTAR singer, 23, is a huge fan of DESTINY’S CHILD star Knowles, but admits she was upset when she realised the stunning Texan lip-synced to some of her songs.

Jamelia says, “When I realised Beyonce mimes half to three-quarters of her show, that took a lot away for me. I thought: ‘Well, are you an artist or are you an actress?’

“I understand the quest to be an entertainer, but don’t put yourself out there as an artist if that’s not what you are.”

The Birmingham-born singer launched a scathing attack of Spears’ singing abilities and accused the TOXIC babe of cheating her fans.

Jamelia fumes, “Britney came to England recently and mimed over every single track. How the hell can she do a whole show and mime it?

“I feel it’s cheating the fans and I think it’s disgusting. Pop culture right now is about having a voice in the studio and not having to cut it live. That’s ridiculous.”

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