Jake Miller’s new music video featuring Travie McCoy is will leave you feeling dazed and confused.

Jake Miller Releases "Dazed and Confused" Video

Jake Miller done gone and bumped his head in the video treatment for “Dazed and Confused” featuring Travie McCoy.

In his followup to lead single “First Flight Home” off his EP “Lion Heart,” Miller plays a love-struck cashier who falls in love on the spot. When a blonde girl checks out with what I imagine is a stack of Cosmo mags, Dove deodorant and a half-pint of non-fat vanilla ice cream, Miller finds himself completely enthralled. So much so he leaves his station to retrieve something for her – only to slip on a dozen marbles a terrible two-year-old had a hold of and sends him into lala land. Or wherever cute straight guys go.

From here, the video is a three and a half minute series of visuals where Miller bops around in a market-turned-nightclub before changing into something a lot more white-boy-ey to bring the clip home.

Travie McCoy’s role, the one where he’s sitting on a couch next to a little person and a literal block head, adds no real substance to the video but it was rather amusing seeing all three squeeze onto a tiny couch.

Mission accomplished: girls and gay men alike are going to eat this up!

Watch it below:

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