Hollywood Star: The star studded relationship between Britney and Jamie Lynn isn’t as close as you may think. Apparently after Britney got hooked with her new boy toy Kevin the sister to sister relationship may be slowly breaking apart. A source told Hollywood star that Spears angrily left a nearby restaurant after chatting with the 13 years old star of Nickelodeon’s All That. Kevin followed quickly behind to find out what had happened and Britney told him the story and our sources got the scoop! Apparently, it started out when Britney didn’t keep in touch with Jamie Lynn as usual as she tends to when she is overseas and 13 year old Jamie Lynn felt Kevin was her only worry now. Things started to get worse when Britney got matching tattoos with boyfriend Kevin and Jamie Lynn didn’t like it and Britney flipped out on the phone with her. Sources close to Spears say nothing deeply complicated is taking progress, just a little disagreement with the Spears sisters seems to be happening. A friend close to Spears quoted “Sisters will fight no matter how close they are, especially when they can’t see each other as much as they would like too. They will not always agree on everything and there will be a few problems here and there with them but it’s nothing to worry about. Jamie Lynn is just going through alot with growing up the way she is.”

Credit: Jamie-Spears.com

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