Actress SHAR JACKSON has laughed off reports she announced BRITNEY SPEARS’ alleged pregnancy, declaring “I am not in Britney’s womb”. The former MOESHA star – mother to Britney’s husband KEVIN FEDERLINE’s two children KORI and KALEB – was reported to have declared “You know, Britney’s pregnant” in a Beverly Hills, California boutique earlier this week (begs01NOV04).But in an interview with American TV show ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, Jackson laughs, “I talked to Kevin and we both laughed because now I think the latest rumor is that he told me she was pregnant. “From what I hear, Britney is not pregnant. Just so everybody can get this real clear, I am not the authority on Britney Spears and Kevin Federline. I am not in Britney’s womb. I am not their spokesperson/publicist. I’m none of that.”

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