Newlywed rocker JACK WHITE has slammed BRITNEY SPEARS and JESSICA SIMPSON for complaining about the media intrusion into their lives, claiming the blonde beauties have “asked for it completely”.
While the WHITE STRIPES frontman has shied away from publicity and remains notoriously private about his lovelife, Spears and Simpson have regularly divulged personal information to the press, as well as expose their married lives in reality shows BRITNEY AND KEVIN: CHAOTIC and NEWLYWEDS: NICK AND JESSICA.
Spears recently turned on the tabloids, after initially selling her engagement and wedding photos to gossip magazines, writing a scathing letter to “false tabloids” on her official website, who publish “lies” about her and husband KEVIN FEDERLINE.
Simpson and husband NICK LACHEY have repeatedly denied tabloid rumours their marriage is trouble, after reports the pop beauty was having an affair with JOHNNY KNOXVILLE.
After wedding supermodel KAREN ELSON last week (01JUN05), White has pleaded for privacy, insisting he has never courted media attention.
He says, “Anytime I’ve been in the tabloids it wasn’t about me. I despise celebrity, I think it’s ridiculous – it’s so disgusting to me.
“When you see things in your private life torn apart it just makes you really sad – not sad for Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson, they want it, they have no right to complain because they’ve asked for it completely.
“I never asked for it, all I’ve wanted to do is write songs.”

Source: femalefirst.co.uk

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