A battle royale.

Jack Antonoff is in a fight for love in Bleachers’ new music video for “Don’t Take The Money.”

Actress and Antonoff’s real-life girlfriend, Lena Dunham, steps behind the lens to create a satirical world that depicts a backyard wedding gone awry.

The clip starts out with the singer-songwriter convincing actress Alia Shawkat (Search Party and Arrested Development), who’s officiating the ceremony, that his mail-order bride is the one. Both seem unconvinced, but it’s not until the bride’s former flame, a lesbian Russian spy, crashes the colorfully gaudy wedding, beats Antonoff to a pulp, and then steals her SO back. The clip ends with them riding off into the sunset while the Bleachers frontman floats in a pool.

Lorde has background vocals featured in “Don’t Take The Money,” the lead single off Bleachers’ forthcoming album Gone Now. I would have really loved for her to have helped Dunham promote the ideals of gender and sexual equality by taking the role of the spy. As Jack learns in the video, we can’t have it all.

Watch below:

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