Jason Trawick

J-Traw Twitter Roundup

Jason Trawick is obviously a good fit for Britney, because he knows how to deal with the Britards! That is, fans that view the world through strawberry frapp-colored lenses.

He posted a few Tweets over the last couple days, some responding to other’s.

Tweeter: how old are you anyway? 60?
Jason: @Amar_Fatale no 63. Old- can’t c small screen. Not 2 mention my shriveled fat fingers. U try typing with 5 soggy mozzarella sticks! Typos!


Tweeter: Jasonn! i’ve made a drawing of u!. what do u think!? 🙂
Jason: @loove_Britneyy nice! Thanks for going light on the grey. Most pics have me looking half man half skunk. I like 2 call it a nice winter mist


Tweeter: will you dye your hair?? just asking
Jason: I tried that. I think the color was called autumn beaver. I looked like the annoying orange. Horrible idea!


Tweeter: Jason how big is your C*** ? @jasontrawick
Jason: Cape? It is custom made. Probably the same size as batman’s. Maybe a little bit smaller bc he has high boots.


On behalf of all kids. Cmon Capri Sun! U start us out with like 3 oz and by the time we get the straw inserted right we have a sip left!


@JaimeeGriffithX I’m doing great jamiee. Thanks for asking. Hope u are well.

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