J.R. Rotem: “I ****** Britney Wheelbarrow Style”

June 15, 2007 By Jordan Miller

J.R. Rotem is featured in the brand new issue of ‘Blender’ magazine, which features The White Stripes on the cover. Inside the magazine, J.R. makes sure to get in his fair share of Britney-bashing, and then back-tracking! Here is how the article reads:

“I ****** Britney wheelbarrow style.” Jonathan “J.R.” Rotem is holding court at his Beluga Heights studio in West Hollywood, California. The music producer is wearing enormous silver Elvis sunglasses and a diamond-encrusted keyboard around his neck; his hair glistens like a bird in an oil spill. To the audience clustered around his couch – his manager Zach Katz, two cameramen filming a reality-show pilot, Denaun Porter of hip-hop group D12 – Rotem offers a series of impromptu non sequiturs: “I have a fear of germs”; “I don’t invest in real estate, I invest in jewelry”; “I’m a Leo, a lion”; “I’ve seen Zoolander 100 times”; and, finally, “I ****** Britney wheelbarrow style. Just kidding.” He waits a beat. “It was tractor style.” You may recall Rotem’s name and/or hair from the gossip blogs. Back in December, five weeks after Spears sent Kevin Federline packing from Malibu to the Valley, sandwiched somewhere in the midst of her cataclysmic mental mudslide – between paparazzi shots of her bald beaver and her **** noggin – grainy footage appeared of the postpartum pop star climbing onto Rotem’s lap, cigarette in hand, leaning in for a kiss. They had been working together on her next record and capped the night with the Cameron Diaz chick flick The Holiday – and some curbside canoodling. Back at Beluga Heights, Rotem’s old friend Porter presses him for salacious details about that night. “How did you do that?” the rapper asks, slapping his thigh in disbelief. “I heard she’s on the wild side. Is that true?” The cameramen exchange excited glances. Whether out of respect for Spears or concern for his career, Rotem clams up. His right foot twitches; his knuckles whiten on the arm of the leather couch. An awkward silence creeps in. “We were working in the studio together,” Rotem replies flatly, trying to bring the conversation to a halt. He ventures something about a sampling machine. But Porter just ignores him: “You are a hound dog!” he shouts. “I remember when he get no *****. Now he gettin all kind of *****. I was watching E! and I saw this ***** walk in, and I was like – That’s J.R.!”

Later in the article, after mentioning how the shots of him making out with Britney got him bounced from K-Fed’s MySpace Friend’s List, the Britney talk picks up again:

He talks about promiscuity(“I don’t have one-night stands”) and, finally, what really happened with Britney Spears. “Britney and I were in a relationship,” he says quietly. “We were dating for about two weeks but decided for both our careers that it wouldn’t be cool to have a romantic relationship. She was really emotional and distressed at the time.” Rotem says he doesn’t regret what happened, or his overnight notoriety; he knows it’s good for business. But whatever anyone thinks of him, he insists he always tries to do the right thing. “There are definitely times when I’m an arrogant, vain *******. But the bigger part is sensitive, good-hearted. People who just see me in front of the paparazzi acting like a jackass have no clue who I am.” And with that, Rotem texts Paris[Hilton] to see where she’s gone off to.

Credit: Blender Magazine. Typed by Whitney for BreatheHeavy.com. Please credit accordingly.

ps – WOW, I don’t have the magazine in front of me, so I can’t confirm this. If true, I pray Britney drops him off her CD. Britney honestly cannot trust ANYONE. I just want to give her a hug.