J.R. Rotem: “Britney Got Me The Furthest”

April 10, 2007 By Jordan Miller

Another day, another Britney Spears romance revealed. This one, however, didn’t go the distance.

“Yes, Britney and I were dating, before the crotch-shot thing,” music producer J.R. Rotem revealed in the upcoming issue of Complex magazine. But Rotem – who has worked with Paris Hilton, 50 Cent and Destiny’s Child – says their relationship now is mostly professional.

“Now it’s kind of rocky between us. We’re working together still, but I’m not sure if I want to be tied down, period.” He then boasted of some of his other pairings, though he didn’t say if they were personal or professional. “Britney, Mya, Bai Ling, Hayden Panettiere, Meagan Good – it’s a pretty big list, and it’s growing,” he said. “Britney got me the furthest. She had something special.”

Source: msnbc.com

What does the “crotch-shot” thing have anything to do with it? He wouldn’t date her after that? Douche-bag…