BRITNEY SPEARS’ producer has lavished praise on the pop star’s latest recording efforts, insisting the results are “magic”. J R ROTEM, who has worked with 50 CENT, RIHANNA, LIL’ KIM and PARIS HILTON, admits he was terrified about meeting the singer. However, she soon put him at ease and he’s convinced the tracks they made before she gave birth to new son SUTTON PIERCE last week (12SEP06) will be huge hits. He tells MTV, “I was blown away to see Britney record in the studio. You hear this finished result that sounds professional, but you don’t know how much of it is overproduced, how much of it is edited. But I found the actual talent was really there – that thing that makes people gravitate toward. Here’s this person that’s arguably the biggest pop star in the world, so you would assume she could have an ego. But when I got into the studio with her, she was just a real person. She was really sweet. She was so professional. When she gets behind the mic there’s a magic that comes out – and the music that we’re doing is the next level.”

He also hints Spears’ next album could be her most diverse yet, mixing club anthems with “slow, more introspective stuff.”


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