Yesterday, iTunes removed the “Womanizer” mp3 off their database, causing users to receive an error when attempting to purchase, thus pushing Britney back to 7th place after all was said and done. Fans, to say the least, were pissed. A few readers have emailed in their response from iTunes, all saying something different:

Dear Kyle,
Thank you for taking the time to contact Apple about the Brittany Spears single “Womanizer”. I know you are concerned about this matter and I am pleased to be of assistance… I encourage you to use the iTunes Feedback page to submit your comments.


Hello Nathan,

I understand that you have a concern because the song “Womanizer”, by Britney Spears was removed from the iTunes Store. I’m sorry for this inconvenience, and am happy to make things clearer for you today. The song “Womanizer”, was temporarily removed from the iTunes Store, as there was a technical issue with it. It was not removed to cause insult. Please note that the song is now resolved, and has been re-posted to the iTunes Store, and is ready to be purchased.


Dear Jonathan,

I’m sorry you ran into an error when you tried to download “Womanizer”. This song was temporarily removed by the content provider, but is available for purchase now. Please check the iTunes Store again. All features should be working well.


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