It’s Official — No Conscience

“No settlement offer is on the table. If I was to hire an investigator on this case it would cost me a fortune, but all I have to do is collect media reports to know about traffic lights and stop signs.”

“It’s not like in a civil trial where an order will be handed down to resolve the case. In family court, a case can go on as long as the children are minors.”

I have to say that much will be resolved at the April hearing when we expect the evaluation will be done. You can’t expect to go to a full hearing if one set of evaluations is not complete.”

A quote from Mark, I like to run my mouth to the press, Kaplan about the custody case today.

And here is Britney’s lawyer Michael Flanagan explaining that Britney received a continuance in the case, and that she is doing fine. Video courtesy of

ps – Brit’s in good company. I got pulled over today for rolling through a stop sign =/