More details about Britney’s “For The Record” documentary have surfaced. Unfortunately only confirming Britney is sad and lost.

According to (who was present at the media screening last night), when asked if Britney felt ready to put herself in the spotlight again, which was followed by awkward silence, Britney just stared into space, not saying a word.

“I have realized that it’s better to not have feelings, and not feel anything at all, because when you’re happy, everyone takes that away from you, they hear me, but they’re not listening, it’s sad. I’m so sad.”

She then began to burst into tears.


It’s so sad to see Britney reaching her hand out for someone to hold and no one does. Not even some of her fans who refuse to believe there may be more that meets the eye; that maybe behind the fancy photoshoots and calculated PR stunts is a girl that feels trapped and alone.

And by paparazzi, I mean the conservatorship.

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