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Many artists hide behind the curtain when making an album, but not Mother Monster.

She’s giving fans an intimate look at her in bed (unrelated to music but **** it), but also a personal message about the song writing process.

On the snap posted above, Gaga shared her enthusiasm for her craft and looks forward to the day it’s released.

No happier me than waking up with the sunshine in my face after a night of writing songs. In my mind, I kept seeing all you monsters singing along. Smiling. I think the best part for me isn’t only just the songwriting process, it’s who we get to share it with when its all finished.

The story here is her sentiment in the last few words: “it’s who we get to share it with when its all finished.”

When it’s FINISHED for the FANS. Sorry for the screaming.

With all the hoopla over Madonna’s “Rebel Heart” album leaking months in advance (apparently they caught the hacker), and the misfortune with Bjork’s album spilling onto the net months ahead of schedule, artists have to stay on their toes during the recording process. They never know if their hard work will land online sooner than expected; living in the moment is imperative, and Gaga knows it.


Gaga has a head start on making innovative music, enlisting RedOne for her next pop music album.

It’s also refreshing seeing an artist excited about their new album in the beginning stages. So often a musician disappears into the depths of the recording studio to hide away and create their next album versus bringing the fans along for the ride. I’m here for the ride. I’ve never been a passenger though. And I love Space Mountain.

Put your paws up, baby.