Dear BreatheHeavy readers,

Today, April 7th, is my 25th birthday! Yup, this Aries is officially in his mid-twenties running the coolest Britney Spears website online. I want to express my gratitude for your loyalty. If you’re reading this, thank you. THANK YOU! I’m so happy to run this website about Britney Spears, but I couldn’t do it without you.

Come the second half of my year at 24, I found myself at a crossroads in life. I needed change, I needed independence. My relationship of four years dissolved, and I quit my full-time job as a designer in marketing; I needed to make bold changes in my life to become the person I wanted to be, and am becoming.

Since quitting my job, I’ve focused on developing BreatheHeavy and taking it to the next level: more content, server upgrades, software upgrades and a new, SLEEK, responsive/mobile-friendly layout (coming out this spring I’ve hastily worked on any chance I get). You’re going to love it! I’m SO proud of this site’s success and where it’s gotten, but I’m never satisfied and want to continue improving it. It’s taught me so much and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without it. Right now, it’s my life, it’s my passion, and I can’t imagine focusing on anything else right now.

Again, thank you (& Britney), and I look forward to the really exciting opportunities the future has in store! I lived out the best year of my life, and look forward to making 25 even better.

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Lots of love,

Jordan Miller

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