It's Happening... Four "It Should Be Easy" Remixes

If it wasn’t obvious before, it is now. RCA added “It Should Be Easy” to more radio stations, and created four official remixes for the song. That’s not done unless the song is a single, or at the very least a SERIOUS contender.

I’ve replayed the original more times than I can count in the last few days hoping it’d catch on for me, but nope. I’m not feeling it, and I can’t force a pop song to take me over. There are other songs off “Britney Jean” that SHOULD be getting the attention, but instead this feels like a cold business decision made months ago.

Someone should tell RCA “It Should Be Easy” is NO “Scream & Shout.” The formula Will + Britney = hit is inconsistent. That song was ahead of it’s time and a real classic. The vocals of ISBE only perpetuate the stereotype Britney can’t sing – and I won’t blame the general public for running with that when they hear Robo-Britney on it. I get it, I get it – it’s the artistry of the song, but I can’t help think R2D2 from Star Wars could sing this, too.

Check out a few snippets of the remixes thanks to Sound Off here:

#UnusualYou #InsideOut #BodyAche #TillItsGone

And while I’m at it, #NowThatIFoundYou is a ******* anthem.

Tell me how you feel in Exhale.