It’s Britney Beach! Israel Names A Beach After Britney Spears

Only a legend!

Only a legend!

Some countries honor a celebrity with a plaque or a key to the city, but Britney Spears is no mere celebrity. She’s a legend, and her iconic status is further solidified with a huge honor from Israel.

Britney Spears Reflects On Her Massive Superstardom In Revealing Interview With Israeli Newspaper

The pop star’s upcoming performance in Tel Aviv is so anticipated, the country even delayed their election for the new chairperson of the Labor Party. It was originally scheduled for July 3, the same day as Britney’s concert, but government officials feared people would choose the Britney concert over finding a polling station, so they pushed voting back a day.

It gets (so much) better.

Britney Records Special Video Message For Fans Attending Piece Of Me Show In Tel Aviv

According to Tel Aviv’s official Twitter account, they have named a beach after the pop star appropriately titled, It’s Britney Beach, a flawless nod to ‘it’s Britney, bitch.’

I’m not 100% sure if they are trolling us, but they tagged mayor Ron Huldai, the city’s TimeOut magazine, the director digital communications of Tel Aviv and Britney herself. She is literally taking over.

BRB booking my flight.


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When will your favs?

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