Well Britney Spears is in Arizona right now, it’s her second day and she is leaving tomorrow. Around here everything has been a stir, the news won’t stop talking about her, dormitory students are waiting outside Starbucks for her and I’ve never seen more photographers in my life! There are 10 to about 20 photographers, all driving really nice cars, waiting outside of where she is staying in Paradise Valley. The news is telling everything she is buying and how much she’s spending, major fashion magazines from New York and LA are calling the stores demanding to know everything she has bought and how much she spent, it’s pretty cool, I guess. Her dogs and her husband are with her, and her baby boy. Yes! I said baby BOY. She might not want to tell the rest of the world, but she had no problem telling this old lady who didn’t even know who she was, the lady is an owner at the stationary store, Britney bought the cutest pregnancy cards. Anyways, Britney’s visit has really inspired me to become a star, like her, lots of attention, money and happiness. What else could anyone want? So far so interesting and lovely, as far as her looks go, she’s brunet, long thick, chocolate brown hair, like her eyes, no make-up, like two pimples but she has a to-die-for natural Marilyn Monroe style mole, she is really kind and well mannered. Well that’s it, I just thought Britney fans would want to know.”

Credit: Popdirt

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