It Was Only A Matter Of Time…

November 12, 2007 By Jordan Miller

TMZ is reporting that there has been a serious accident involving the paparazzi chasing Britney tonight, but it did NOT involve Britney.

“The accident happened around 5:00 PM tonight, roughly a mile from the Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel (where Britney is currently residing). Several cars were in line chasing the pop princess when one hit another photog on a motorcycle” with his silver Range Rover, on on Santa Monica Blvd. and Rexford Dr. in Beverly Hills. This catapulted the rider off his bike and on to the road. We’re told the rider was injured seriously and transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center,” says TMZ. It is rumored that the pap has broken both legs, arms, and back.

The paparazzo injured is called a “spotter,” a part of the paparazzi team that “tip off other photographers to her whereabouts.”

Although I don’t applaud accidents like this, it was bound to happen as there are virtually no laws or restrictions against the paparazzi. Imagine if it was Britney severely injuring the pap, or even worse… them injuring her! My thoughts and prayers go out to the injured paparazzo and his family.