Shar Jackson opens up about her breakup with ex-boyfriend Kevin Federline (now Mr. Britney Spears) in the December issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine. While stressing that all she wants from Federline is for him to spend more time with their two children, she also makes it clear that her relationship with him was far from over when he took up with the pop star. The night Federline met Spears, Jackson told the mag, he was staying at a friend’s house so that he could go to an audition in Los Angeles.
Jackson says he then told her that he had callbacks that week and would be staying up there a little longer. She didn’t question his story, she says, because ‘I ain’t like one of them females that are like, ‘Where you at? Why you …?’ Maybe I should convert.’ Jackson only started worrying when she couldn’t reach him that weekend, ‘because here I am, six and a half months pregnant, and I ain’t heard from my man.’ When he finally called back, she says, he admitted hanging out with Spears, but told her it didn’t mean anything. Later on, he told her he was booked for a commercial and had to fly overseas for it, so she helped him prepare, ‘getting him his passport and all that stuff.’ She even spent ‘the whole hour’ before he boarded the plane comforting him, because ‘he doesn’t like to fly.’ ‘And in all actuality, he was going to see her,’ Jackson said. The rest, as they say, is history. …


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