It Only Could Be Britney
by Solo R.E.D

Intro (feat. Just Cause)

Yo Britney,
Now it seems like everyone thinks that they understand you,
But that’s exactly it, they understand you,
Cause my boy Solo, he overstands you,
I ain’t never see nobody know someone without even knowing them,
Damn, just hear him out….

Verse 1

Well Britney, Oops, ya done it again
Not A Girl Not A Woman but DAMN sure a 10
Made me a Slave For You, with Baby One More Time
And Sometimes, I can’t get you outta my mind
And I was Lucky too see, You Drive Me Crazy
And other hits like Born To Make You Happy
You made some people Stronger,
Others weak in the knees with,
VMA performances on MTV
So Boys have been Anticipating Me Against The Music
Take the Touch Of Your Hand and show us how to use it
Britney, Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know
That you were gonna dye your hair for that Showtime show
And From The Bottem Of My Broken Heart I’ve been jump started
You’re so Overprotected, betcha thinking, “This Is Retarded”
I’ve Got That Boom Boom and Love that Rock ‘n Roll sh*t
Everytime I listen I’m slippin under so Toxic

1X Hook

Who is the most sought after star of the paparazzi,
Yo It Only Could Be Britney
Who holds Soundscan records for albums sold so quickly,
Yo It Only Could Be Britney
Who’s sold out show’s are guaranteed to be lively,
Yo It Only Could Be Britney
Who’s had the whole industry locked down since she was sixteen,
Yo It Only Could Be Britney

Verse 2

20 Song titles and 8 Britney beats
One day I’m performing in front of 10,000 seats
Filled like Britney fans do, Maxing every venue
It’s so unforunate so many just don’t understand you
They all see the glam do’s, crazy fan Japan dude
From day one you’ve been dealing with tabloid scandols
Vandels to you’re name, They so jealous of your fame
Try a day in the game livin’ up to Britney’s reign
And I’m feeling you’re pain, ya get vexed then come along
Yo Solo’s your man cause your ex’s all “Gone”
I’m poppin’ off the top when you rockin’ them crop tops
And if I was put on the spot I give you, deserved props
A hard workin’ woman, letters spelling B-R-I-T-N-E-Y-S-P-E-A-R-S
Mix them up, what do you get, BEST PR IN YEARS
You were born to do this, keep making music, like………….

1X Hook

Verse 3

You and Madgie should of made the song Me Against The Critics
So many little dickheads, just a bunch of Limp Bizkets
If anyone disrespecting you, never ever be stressing
You started a cultural revolution all up in our schools
Don’t think ya beautiful, You must be in denial
It’s that innocent, Kentwood, Louisiana smile
That got people wild, when you steppin’ on stage
And the Esquire mag, 120th page, DAMN
Is this the World of Britney, or just Britney’s World
And Eamon better watch ya mouth around this girl
She ain’t your average chick and don’t ever forget it
She’s either doing it, or already done did it
And I could keep on spittin’ for days in bars and hooks
But I better quit this sh*t my girlfriend’s giving dirty looks
So Britney, next time before you decide to Wed
Think about my blackened heart and how it should be Solo RED

2X Hook



This one’s for all the true fans out there
Who give they non stop support
And of course, the lovely lady herself
Yo It Only Could Be Britney
From Solo R.E.D.
Run Tings Records
Toronto Canada
Next time you passin’ through hit me up with some tix
Yo PEACE!!!!!

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