No nothing good starts in a getaway car.


No nothing good starts in a getaway car.


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There’s a lot of chatter surrounding what Taylor’s next Reputation single is. 

The frontrunners are “I Did Something Bad,” “Don’t Blame Me” and “Getaway Car.” I’m under the impression there’s more evidence to suggest the next selection is the latter (read the original report below).

Check out this video that popped up. It appears to be fan-made, but it’s giving hype to the already-existing buzz. 

If it is indeed “Getaway Car,” I can approve. 




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An interesting turn of events!

A casting call requesting a body double for Miss Swift is among the rounds.

Whoever lands this gig will receive $1000 for a 12-hour shoot (WHERE CAN I APPLY?!).

Swifties are under the impression it’s for Taylor’s next music video – which we believe will be for “Getaway Car,” though there’s a lot of speculation it’s actually “I Did Something Bad.”

Check it out below:




Where there’s smoke, there’s fire… and director Joseph Kahn just poured some gasoline on the rumor that “Getaway Car” is Taylor Swift’s next release off Reputation!


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Fans are under the impression his latest Tweet alludes to the fact he is probably directing the music video for it (it’s worth mentioning he’s exclusively directed all of her most-recent visuals).

You be the judge:




It appears Taylor Swift is done dropping the Reputation bangers for the time-being. The era kicked off with one feisty release after another – until the singer began promoting “Delicate,” and despite the track only enjoying the single treatment for a handful of weeks, Swifties have begun speculating their fav is already eyeing the album’s next release.


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Where did this rumor come from? Taylor’s mobile app, The Swift Life, debuted a pack of “Getaway Car” emojis. The only songs to get emojis in the app have been or became singles.

I’m here for this. “Getaway Car” is a refreshing change of pace from “Look What You Made Me Do,” “Ready For It” and “End Game.” I’m actually low-key shocked she isn’t putting forth “I Did Something Bad” and/or “Don’t Blame Me,” but I think she realized the hard-hitting tracks were getting tiresome. Sidenote: If she teams up with Joseph Kahn for the “Getaway Car” video I think I’ll revolt.

Justice for “Dancing With Our Hands Tied!”



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