Underwater world.

Lady Gaga could be getting wet in her next music video.

Take this with a grain of salt, but if we are to believe the rumors, Lady Gaga is filming a new visual.

For what song? We don’t know, but it doesn’t seem likely she’ll make one for “The Cure” at this point. Gaga is creating new music with Born This Way producer DJ White Shadow, so *if* there is a video in the works, it’s most likely for a new song (and probably not “Frankenstein”).

What will it look like? Again, no idea, but Gaga could be submerged in water for some of it. Why’s that? A scuba diving center in Lincoln Park, Michigan, claims Gaga’s team used the facility to shoot some “water footage for a Lady Gaga music video!”

“It’s interesting when Hollywood/Detroit comes a knocking when they need some water footage for a Lady Gaga music Video,” a man named Paul Marshall said on Facebook. “btw, sorry for the bad pics, they were sneaky shots (no photos please) and no, this is B roll production that will be added later The GA was not there!” The scuba diving center shared Marshall’s post on their Facebook Page. Here’s a screen shot of the post in case it gets removed.

Since we only have a crumb of information to go off of, there’s no telling when this video, if it even exists, will debut, but something tells me Gaga wants to release new music sooner than later.

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10 Responses

    1. Ummm any of her loyal fans? Face it, the world has many faces that have many musical tastes. I didn’t LOVE Lemonade, but I won’t make Beyonce fans ever feel like their model artist is less than mine. No need to knock each other down.

      1. The problem is that people actually worship these people. It’s okay to listen to their music, but they actually look to them as a god. It’s very depressing to witness.

    2. I agree, Gaga is for me a one hit wonder (or 2) but one thing is wronge, she never EVER get at the Britney Spears status level. Gaga overuse everything in 2 albums and then was boring.

    3. I agree, now she’s pulling a Britney and milking her “glory days” for all they are worth, and trying to re-do her past by adding sparkles on her eyes and working with DJ white shadow… even after going completely “american” and “normal” in her last album. Doesn’t feel genuine anymore, just a big push to try to salvage a career. Luckily, all someone has to do is dye their hair blonde and get naked, talk about gay rights and they will have a loyal band of mindless gay followers.

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