Her return is near.

Kelly Clarkson’s return is near.


Just how near, you ask? According to this week’s Mediabase pop chart, Clarkson’s forthcoming single will arrive on Thursday, September 7, one day before she takes the stage on the Today show to perform it.

It’s not clear when on September 7, but for now assume it’s at midnight EST (technically Sep 8).

The title is rumored to be “Love So Soft.”


The pop girls are NOT messing around right now. Kelly Clarkson is the latest super talent to toss her hat into the ring. After parting ways with RCA and joining Atlantic Records, the singer revealed she had plans to record the soul album she’s always dreamed of, and it looks like we’ll get to hear the first taste of it sooner than later.

Clarkson announced today (August 24) she was added to the Today Show‘s line-up for their Citi Concert Series for a performance at Rockefeller Plaza on Friday, September 8th, in New York City. It’s safe to assume she’ll have a new song to perform by then.

And for the record yes, that photo up top is a new promotional image.

The timing makes total sense; Clarkson is hosting an album listening party in October.

“It’s very much my personality,” Clarkson told People earlier this year of her new album. “I think it’s very much what people expected from me off of watching me on Idol. I sang all these Aretha [Franklin] things, I love Tina [Turner], I love Mariah [Carey], I love Whitney [Houston]. I think it’s very much what people expected in the first place. I love all my stuff that I’ve done but this is the record that has been in me since junior high. And that music from when I was in junior high is now coming back [into style] — like our 15-year-old listens to R&B that I listened to in high school.”

She added: “We’re still working on it, but we have a good batch of songs already and I can’t wait to sing them live,” she says. “They’re amazing. After having a career for so long, it’s so weird that nobody knows [my sound] yet, so it’s going to be so good. It’s definitely a different chapter.”

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