“My new favorite song is my new song….”

What’s wrong with being confident?

Back in November, Demi Lovato revealed she was “in the studio right now,” saying: “I don’t know when I’ll release it — I’ll release it when it’s ready.” It could be soon.

Lovato Tweeted fans, “my new favorite song is my new song….”

Charlie Puth also offered some insight. In an Instagram Live chat, Puth confirmed Demi has picked her lead single.

In January, Lovato shared a small snippet of a song on an Insta story that highlights her soaring vocals. It’s unknown what the song title is, but it was likely co-written with songwriting legend Diane Warren, who penned Lady Gaga’s recent emotional ballad “Till It Happens To You.” She shared a photo of them together directly after previewing the teaser. Perhaps it’s the song in question?

In other news, Lovato just celebrated five years of sobriety. “It feels amazing,” Lovato said of her clean lifestyle. “All I’ve been doing is focusing on bettering myself. It’s been quite the journey, but it’s well worth it.”

She added, “Surrendering is the most important thing whenever you’re trying to battle your demons,” she tells People. “You have to admit that you have a problem first, and then you can overcome them.”

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