Is Rihanna Performing At The Grammys?

Is Rihanna performing at the Grammys?!

I am thirsty for some new Rihanna music. No, parched. So take this rumor with a grain of salt (margarita!): Rihanna might perform at the 2015 Grammys!

Though she’s remained tight-lipped for quite some time, it appears she may debut her new single on the biggest night in music.

Her drummer Aaron Drape (a_drape30) posted on Instagram she is performing at the Grammys before deleting the comment and locking his account. See his “yup yup” in response to the Grammy comment? Confirmation enough for me!

Is Rihanna Performing At The Grammys?

Rihanna has a lot of people tapping their foot waiting for her new ish, but it will be worth the wait. Sam Smith is one rumored collabo on her eighth studio album, as is a track with Kanye West and Paul McCartney. With songs like “Burritos” and “Ehh,” what’s not to be excited about?

Now I’m hungry, too.