Is Rihanna Going On Tour With Kanye West?

Get ready for Rihzus.

We already know they’ve been recording together, but it looks like Rihanna and Kanye West might be embarking on a joint tour later this year.

Watch Rihanna featuring Kanye West & Paul McCartney’s music video for “FourFiveSeconds”

The King and Queen of acoustic-folk have collaborated many times in the past but never a project on this scale before. Although, if Complex‘s sources are legit then we could be seeing Beyoncé and Jay Z’s better edgier counterparts on the road together.

It’s not the most surprising move considering Rihanna toured with Eminem last year and Kanye spent nine months on tour with Jay Z during their “Watch The Throne” era, and let’s not forget the cancelled “Fame Kills” tour he bizarrely announced with Lady Gaga back in 2009.

The pair’s latest collab, “FourFiveSeconds,” was released just over a week ago and in the short time since they have already promoted it more than Britney Jean. They headlined DirectTv’s pre-Super Bowl show together this past weekend and have just been announced to perform the song at the Grammy Awards this Sunday.

So what’s it all for? A tour would make sense of all the promotion. Plus, we know how much Rih loves to make us wait for “R8” and this would be the perfect way to kill some more time.

Would you sit through Kanye’s set to see Rihanna?