Is Lady Gaga Recording An Xmas Song?

November 26, 2014 By Jordan Miller

One day after the ARTRAVE tour ends, Lady Gaga’s back in the recording studio.

She moves quick! Lady Gaga toured the world for months with her successful (and colorful) show, but first thing’s first: time for new music!

Mother Monster shared a photo of her in the studio today, but it’s unclear exactly WHAT she’s recording.

Gaga mentioned she wanted to record a Christmas jazz song called “Paradise” – a song about her Aunt Joanne who wrote a poem about Heaven before passing away of Lupus.

Monsters wonder if she’s recording a new pop song, but very recently Gaga said she wanted to record a second jazz album with Bennett – adding pop music is draining.

It’s been extremely liberating for me ’cause jazz is rebellious. And I’m a rebel at heart. So in that way it’s also me rebelling against my own pop music – that’s really exciting for me. But I think the thing that has been the most powerful has been, there’s a part of me that has been quiet for a long time that is now being reawakened, after years of producers and record label people telling me to make my voice sound more radio-friendly.

Since ‘The Fame,’ ‘The Fame Monster’ and ‘Born This Way,’ they’ve been auto-tuning it more, or changing the timbre. They take the vibrato out so you sound like a robot.”

Are you ready for more jazz from Gaga, or do you want her back in the pop scene?