The clues add up.


We love a good conspiracy theory, and the latest says Justin Bieber will perform at the 2016 Super Bowl halftime show.

Pepsi promises big news on Dec. 3 regarding the Super Bowl halftime show, and anticipation of the big reveal, they’ve posted a clip teasing who could possibly be the performer.

Crafty YouTube star Joselyn Hughes gives several not-so-revealing hints about one of the artists in question, and people dissected her every word to believe she’s referring to Justin Bieber.

She says, “our artist is a human being, who is wearing clothes and… oh, I’ve said way too much. I’m so sorry.”

Human being: Bieber sings in his song “Sorry,” “don’t forget that I’m human.”
Wearing clothes: Bora Bora naked photos.
I’m so sorry: “Sorry.”

Most likely a huge stretch, but we’re down for a performance from Bieber. Note Hughes said “one of the performers,” so there’s more than just the Biebs in question.

Bruno Mars was apparently offered the honor first before rumors claimed it belonged to Maroon 5 (Adam Levine since shot it down).

Britney Spears’ birthday is the day before the big announcement. We’re just saying.

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