Updated: R&B singer-songwriter’s highly anticipated new album is just around the corner.


Frank Ocean updates website with possible album release date.


Rapper/producer 6 Speed just tweeted about being part of the album, dubbing it “worth the wait”! Get ready y’all:

For the past four years, it seems like a potato would sooner fly around our room before R&B sensation Frank Ocean finally released his second album.

After his debut, Channel Orange, released on July 10 2012, changed the game for many R&B fans – and Ocean became one of the first mainstream black musicians to come out (via the album’s theme of unrequited same-*** love), people have been waiting not-so patiently for #FO2 to conquer us all.

Now, it might just be happening in the coming weeks…

Ocean’s website updated recently to show a string of dates crossed out on a notepad, ending on July 2016, with the day covered (dammit!).


Is this it?

No one knows, and no one is holding their breath considering last year Ocean posted an August release date on his official Tumblr but nothing eventuated.

Ocean hasn’t exactly been absent from the music scene, though. He’s appeared on Jay Z and Kanye’s No Church In The Wild, Beyonce’s Superpower, Kanye’s New Slaves and recently co-wrote James Blake’s My Willing Heart.

Now would be the perfect time to drop the highly anticipated album, too, not only to coincide with the four year anniversary of Channel Orange’s release but because smooth mid-tempo R&B is totally in right now.